Today, our world economy is driven by the production and burning of fossil fuels.  According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), 80% of the energy consumed comes from carbon, oil, and gas. This energy released from burning fossil fuels is the source of carbon emissions coming from human activities. 

The scientific consensus is clear, those emissions are causing global warming. It is necessary to embrace sustainable, and renewable energy sources, eliminating our deep dependence on fossil fuels.


1 %

of the global population still lacks access to modern electricity

1 %

Energy is the dominant contributor to climate change, accounting for around 60% of total global greenhouse gas emissions


lack access to clean cooking fuels, resulting in nearly 4 million premature deaths each year.

Why Renewable Energies?

Renewable energy captures fossil-free power from sources such as wind or sun to generate electricity. This means that there are no CO2 emissions which are responsible for climate change.

By using new energy-efficient technologies to heat and cool buildings and provide light, we reduce the overall need to burn of fossil fuels, either to generate electricity or provide heat. The cleanest cheapest unit of energy is the one that is not needed at all. 

We can decarbonize transportation by switching to electric vehicles. We can design more compact cities that make transit and active mobility such as walking and bicycling easier. 

Our Goals

Our goal is to reduce global CO2 emissions by using energy generated from clean, renewable sources, and using that energy more efficiently.  

Reducing CO2 with RENEWABLES

The use of renewable energy avoids local CO2 intensive electricity. Since the CO2 emissions from electricity generation differ from country to country, the location of the use of renewable energy sources plays an important role.

Reducing demand with ENERGY EFFICIENCY

We can save electricity by replacing inefficient technologies with more efficient ones. The aim is to save 50.000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity through energy efficiency by the end of 2021. Saving this amount of electricity means that this electricity no longer needs to be generated and that no fossil fuels need to be burned to produce CO2 emissions.

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