Education and awareness

Education and awareness is the first step for taking action, such as is the key for being aware of our situation and our tools. The most inspired and awarded people we find in our locality, the most projects and changes we can do.
That is the reason, before doing any kind of project, we need to make sure people is aware of the importance of it and the power they have as consumers and locality. every single action counts. Projects related to spreading awareness empowered the youth to take action and looking for solutions.



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Only 9% of the world’s used plastic is recycled, UN warned.

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According to the FAO, 1.3 billion tons of food end up in the garbage every year, a third of the total production.


Some 4 billion people worldwide still lack access to the Internet, according to a new United Nations report that reveals data disaggregated by country.

Why Education and awareness?

Education and awareness are necessary for the effectiveness of climate action, such as in the way that consciousness inspires us to be powerful in our actions and to truly want to make a difference.

By educating communities, we motivate them and bring forth a broader perspective of the situation we are living in. Thus, people can reflect of the way they live and look for ways to make their actions more sustainable.

Our goals

Our education and awareness campaign seeks to transmit through meetings, conferences, content on social network and recreational activities the importance of the environment in which we live, its care and how we can contribute in our localities to create a more sustainable way of living for all. By doing this, we will be able to raise awareness and provide tools for change

We want to empower youth because nobody is too young to make a change.

We want to connect young people throughout the world to exchange climate culture, ideas and solutions.

Encourage teamwork between the community and the Rotary family for a better future.

Ideas of Projects

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