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CSC – Climate Solutions Coalition

Who we are

The Climate Solutions Coalition (CSC) is an international coalition led by youth who are or have engaged in Rotary programs to who are inspired to help solve our shared climate crisis. CSC was founded in 2019 to empower youth around the world to act, because “no one is too small to make a difference”. We are united by our desire to reconnect with nature and our environment and return to the right path for the sake of our civilization and our planet.

CSC brings together Rotary-connected youth from all around the world to implement concrete solutions to mitigate and adapt to the climate emergency. CSC’s projects focus on energy, way of consumption, waste, education and awareness, informed by the regional knowledge that our ambassadors will apply to develop and implement solutions.

We believe that every action can make a difference in the lives of others, so we have decided to act in our local communities, and at the national and international scale. We believe that as citizens of this world we must do our part.  By connecting people and working together, CSC will bring hope through our actions. Everyone is needed. Everyone has something to contribute. Time is running out, so let’s act, now!

We are a program of the Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group.



In November 2018, Julia Caussil, then a Rotary Youth Exchange(RYE) Student from Montpellier, France, living in Charlotte, North Carolina met Mr. John Germ, Past  President of the Rotary International. After a brief discussion, Julia was convinced that Rotary could make a real difference in the fight for climate change. M. Germ introduced her to Stephanie Urchick, one of the directors of the Rotary International. Stephanie supported and guided Julia in the initial development of this coalition. 

In three weeks, using social media and her RYE connections, Julia recruited more than 600 hundred Rotarian, Interactors, and RYE students from 35 countries around the globe and presented their names to RI staff, hoping to start a Rotarian Action Groups for Climate Change. Julia was referred to the Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action (ESRAG) who helped the coalition move from an idea to reality.  This couldn’t have happened without the assistance of Karen Kendrick-Hands, the founder of the ESRAG, and current Director of Communications. For the past few months, under the name of the Climate Solutions Coalition, Julia has built an international team of Rotary-connected youth to develop goals and structure. 

Today, CSC has gathered Ambassadors from 25 countries and we are more than ready to take action around the world!